Wash Your Problem: Grimy Collars & Cuffs

Get your shirt together! We can help remove body soils on grimy cotton shirt collars and cuffs with professional emulsifiers and built detergents to neutralise residual stains.

Wash Your Problem: Greying

Losing control? Are your towels fifty shades of grey? Detergents with inadequate sequestering character can cause greying discolouration. We can help. Are you curious?

Wash Your Problem: Grass, Blood, Mud & Sweat

Need support in the technical area to help tackle dirty sports kits stained with grass, blood, mud and sweat? Send that ground-in grass, mud and blood for an early bath!

Wash Your Problem: Black Marks

Black marks are caused by contact with metal salts or linen abuse. They are hard to remove. We’ve designed a brilliant system to recover damaged hotel & restaurant work so it can be put back into circulation.

Wash Your Problem: Yellowing

We can help with yellowing table linen. Caused by overloading, poor rinsing, bleach, iron residue, drying at high temps & too much detergent. Simple tests pinpoint the cause.

Wash Your Problem: Stray Dyes

We can help with specialist processes and products to remove stray dyes deposited on to garments or table linen – usually caused by things like party poppers or coloured paper napkins.

Wash Your Problem: Spa Oils & Fake Tan

Towels got a better tan than you? We’re here to help with advice and processes to help remove spa oils & fake tan on towelling.

Wash Your Problem: Iron

We can help with iron staining on whites, which can be associated with rust in steam lines (on a Monday morning), rust in pipework or rust in bore hole water.

Wash Your Problem: Set Stains

We can help with removing set stains on workwear, caused by washing with inappropriate detergent or using an improper process!

Wash Your Problem: Mildew

We can help with removing mildew on hotel and restaurant linen, caused by the presence of proteinaceous soiling.