Prime (Pr)

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10L, 20L

NB. To increase stability & improve shelf-life we have worked hard to modernise this formulation. This has resulted in a product which performs as well as it always has, but now stores for longer in a wider range of temperatures. As a result of this reformulation, the product has now changed in appearance; It is now a brown liquid. The product is also less viscous, which may require a slight adjustment in working procedures to ensure correct dosage and safe usage. Please refer to an Ideal Field Chemist for more information on this change.

Powerful concentrate for heavy industrial soiling.

• A landmark discovery from Ideal, for incredible industrial laundry results.

• Powerful concentrated detergent liquid for heavy commercial and industrial soiling.

• Does not require any boosters. Extremely economical in use.

• Highly effective as part of the Ideal recovery process for black marks.

• Phosphate Free. Fragrance Free.



Prime (Pr)


Powerful concentrate for heavy industrial soiling.

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