Weights Of Articles To Be Washed

Overloading or under loading can affect the efficiency of your wash programme. From panties to king size duvet covers, here’s the approximate weights of articles to be washed.

Spotter Chart

Ideal Spotter Chart. A stain removal guide.

Cleaning Plan

Cleaning plan for food production sites.

Chemical Set

More than 30 brilliant hygiene chemicals and application apparatus for the modern food production site. Tested and approved by leading food processing companies.

Get towels in shape

Here’s our guide to help get your towels in shape. That’s how washing is done!

What is that stain?

Here’s our handy guide to stain identification using the FOCAL acronym.

The Ideal Starch

Starch Wars? We put together thisĀ guide to help you choose the Ideal Starch for the job.

Chemical Storage

Here’s our handy guide to correct chemical storage to make sure everything stays working the way it should, whatever the weather.

Starch Problems?

The laundry experts here at Ideal have put together this helpful guide to help resolve the most common starching problems.

Laundry starching

A short guide to Laundry Starching by John Hickman & Dr. Mike Kalli.