Do the Bosch-a Nova!

Team GB cleaned up at the Rio Olympics with an incredible load of medals…

When it comes to Mojitos, exciting Brazilian rhythms, beach volleyball and swaying palms you might be better off on Copacabana Beach but if you’re looking for professional high quality GB-made laundry and textile care products, we’ve got the drums that’ll keep your laundry moving all day long!
It’s fair to say, that in the laundry arena, we’re confident we can beat anyone. Viva Team GB!

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5kg Professional Plus
5kg Coloursafe
5L Cotton Soft
5L Emulsifier TL
1 x Mini Roll-On Spotter Kit with Professional Spotter Wall Chart
A special Limited Edition Laundry Risograph Print for your wall
£50 (delivered free in the UK, inclusive of VAT)

Hurra! Shake a tail feather and give our British made products a whirl.