Smells Like Clean Laundry

Laundry getting you down? Nevermind…

“We’re reputed, advantageous

Here we are now, with destainers


Undisputed innovators

Here we are now, bulk containers

Hello. Hello. Hello…”


We were first to introduce fully built detergents to British commercial laundry, our brilliant r&d lab just keeps on innovating.


Independent, family-run and going strong. We still formulate and manufacture all of our products at the Ideal factory in Northamptonshire.


An ambitious, energetic, multi award-winning manufacturer with a real commitment to sustainability, manufacturing excellence and brilliant customer service… now with ISO 14001 accreditation.


We help with all kinds of processing issues in commercial, OPL or high street textile care operations – from choosing the right product, to helping resolve the grungiest laundry problems.


A manufacturing supplier with soul, a sense of humour, chemistry know-how, genuine laundry expertise and loads of freshness.


Our highly qualified, smart field team has experience in chemistry, processing, training, servicing and installation of the latest bespoke, accurate and reliable dosing equipment.


We’re transparent, flexible, fast and nice to work with. That’s important. We offer contract free arrangements, allowing our customers to buy chemicals at manufacturer’s prices without extra costs.


Bigger isn’t better. Better is better. We’re well-known for formulating, manufacturing and supplying brilliant products direct from our factory. Better value, brilliant performance and consistent supply.