Sustainability in Textile Care Committee

We’re proud to be one of the founder members of The STCC (Sustainability in Textile Care Committee).

Formed over a year ago, the committee is made up of a handful of proactive representatives from conscious textile rental & laundry companies along with experts in associated fields including suppliers of garments, linen, cleaning products & services.

The STCC hasn’t been formed to lecture businesses on sustainability. It was set up to offer practical assistance, to share ideas, inspire others to make positive changes and to generate a knowledge network to help the laundry & textile care industry to find better, more responsible ways of working.

Here at Ideal, we’ve made a huge commitment to be the most eco-responsible detergent manufacturer & supplier we can be. After all…

“Before we encourage other companies to act responsibly we have to do so ourselves. There’s only one way to lead, and that’s by being in front and leading by example. When we act positively on solving problems instead of ignoring them or trying to find a way around them, we are further along the path toward sustainability. Every time we’ve elected to do the right thing, it’s turned out to be more profitable.” Yvon Chouinard

Every committee member gives their time voluntarily because they are committed to discussing the problems, to helping the industry find more eco-responsible and ethical ways of doing business, to sharing best practice & to eliminating waste.

The STCC site (launched in December 2019) is a free resource for anybody in the textile care industry to share views, pass on ideas and find information that can help.

The first campaign is focused on eliminating Single Use Plastic.

You can get involved by signing up to get your copy of the campaign charter, to start making steps towards reducing single use plastic today.

If you would like to share information with the industry on practical subjects such as where and how to re-duce, re-use or recycle your waste – where to source cardboard hangers, re-usable garment covers or refillable cleaning products – or if you have any other information, ideas or suggestions write to us or speak to The STCC founder Kathy Bowry.