Creativity, Innovation & Inspiration

Here’s a report from the Guild of Cleaners and Launderers Conference, 5th March 2017:

The conference had no less than ten speakers covering a variety of subjects and many showed creative links to other papers throughout the day […]

The third speaker was Phillip Kalli, from Ideal, who titled his paper “Creativity, Innovation and Inspiration” and went on to explain the origins of the family business, started by his father Dr Mike Kalli and giving insights into the team that care for the company on a day-to-day basis. With the use of animations he explained the advantages of supplies from his company and the goals they had set themselves. He also explained some of the ethics behind the business and took the audience on a journey of how the company had turned their factory into a showroom, declaring a war on waste; how it’s possible to try and improve everything all the time to gain improvements in efficiency. He further explained how customers had influenced the introduction of new products by listening to their needs and requirements. How all of this had created a new culture, a passion for the customer, with no minimum customer order – at the same time explaining their market advantage as being a UK manufacturer, supplying directly, and harnessing 40 years of experience and expertise. He then graphically showed how they had improved product labels and supplied customer technical advice and information. Phillip went on to explain how Ideal had built a brand in recent years and shared ideas on how conference delegates could learn from their experience – to design the detail, how not to be afraid to be different, how to exploit the use of social channels and when to do it. He also explained how they are determined to become even more eco friendly and how by careful selection and management they had found other ways of doing things.

professional crowdAll the speakers from the GCL Conference.