Sock Story

Sock Story by Eleonora Marton & CK Smouha is out today!

This beautiful hardcover children’s book is illustrated by our good friend, the amazingly talented Eleonora Marton, and published by Cicada Books and it’s all about washing, which means we all love it here at Ideal HQ!

Sock Story tells the tale of a couple of socks called Phil & Dale. Best friends, who lose each other inside a washing machine.

It’s Phil and Dale’s favourite time of the week – the WASH! The two socks impress each other with their acrobatics; flipping, spinning and shrieking, much to the disapproval of the other clothes in the washing machine. But why should they care? They’ve got each other and that’s all that matters…right?

When Phil goes missing, Dale is left contemplating life in solitude. After a brief encounter with a red shirt, he finds himself alone in the washing machine, lost and pink. When he is finally reunited with his buddy, Phil fails to recognise him and the socks must decide what being a pair means if one of you has changed….

Written in comic book form, with gorgeous illustrations, this is a tale of friendship and identity that will delight children and adults alike… set in the wonderful world of washing!

Eleonora Marton is an Italian artist and illustrator living and working in London. Her bold, hand drawn illustrations are rich in warmth and humour. She’s the author of DIY ABC (Cicada 2016) and Bigger (Cicada 2017) and we have worked with her to create ALL the wonderful signature artwork, illustrations and animations for Ideal since 2014. You can see lots more of her wash related illustrations in our animation gallery.

Sock Story (Hardcover, £9.95) is available to order online.