Ideal at ExpoDetergo Milan

Four years on and the #LinenPreservationSociety – this time made up of Michael, Hannah and Phillip – headed for Milan by road… all the way from Finedon, Northamptonshire.

We set out very early on 17th October, catching the first Eurostar of the day before winding our way down steadily through France. As the sun dropped and the shadows lengthened we made it to our first destination, stopping over in the Alpine town of Chambéry in the department of Savoie. Refreshed by a short evening walk and a simple menu-complet in the local brasserie, the long drive and the mountain air meant that we were all keen to turn in early. A few short hours later, and before the baguettes had even been delivered for breakfast we were off again – weaving towards Turin in the early morning fog, long before dawn had broken.
We made good time, listening to the Raging Bull soundtrack and a selection of Scorsese inspired tracks, impressed by the looming shapes of the Southern Alps. A quick espresso and a croissant on the Italian border and we kept on towards the Fiera Milano – braving the chaos of Milan’s roads and arriving in late-morning sunshine. Fuelled by a mix of panini, coffee and adrenalin – the three of us were ready to assemble The Ideal Shop’N’Wash, following detailed instructions laid down by Production Manager, Chris.
Reinforcements flew in later that afternoon, as we were joined by our legendary Italian-speaking fixer Rapolas. Stand complete, we took on the evening traffic, nudging bumper to bumper through the suburbs to find a sprawling villa on the outskirts of town (courtesy of airbnb). A quick trip to the local supermarket to stock up on essential provisions and a detour via the local pizzeria helped us settle in, and we spent the evening sitting out on the porch with a bottle of wine and a few cold beers – talking through this years plan for ExpoDetergo.
Ideal has built a reputation as the independent British expert in professional laundry and cleaning chemical manufacture through innovation, experimentation, hard work and demonstrating the efficacy of formulations in the field – working in consultation with the people who use the products. Today we supply some of the biggest and best independent laundries in the UK, along with textile care specialists, top hotels, restaurants and a growing range of exciting white label projects.

Independent, family owned and well known for our excellent laundry & textile care products. We make everything at our factory in Northamptonshire, England.

As pioneers in laundry chemistry, we were the first to introduce fully built detergents to British commercial laundry. Our lab continues to innovate today.

Take a look at our Periodic Table of Laundry. We’ve got all the elements you need for professional laundry, wet cleaning & textile care.

We’re seeking international agents and distributors who’d like to work with an expert, flexible and highly experienced British manufacturer…

Our lab creates bespoke white label laundry products and private label cleaning products for a number of brands with a wide range of applications including laundry & textile care, cleaning & hygiene products – with a particular focus on sustainable chemistry. We test. We manufacture. We deliver.

Our team has experience & expertise in all types of laundry product development, and processing. We also offer training, installation, support and servicing.


This was our second time exhibiting in Milan. We always love this show. This year we invited folks to come and walk down our detergent aisle to check out our unrivalled range of British-made responsible laundry, wet cleaning & specialist textile care products.

Folks from all over came to find out more about the many exciting innovations being developed by the Ideal lab and our engineering team. We’re always seeking dynamic and progressive international agents and distributors who’d like to work with an expert, flexible, experienced and bright British manufacturer focused on innovation, green chemistry, sustainability and good design.


Prodotto nel Regno Unito Siamo un’azienda indipendente a conduzione familiare, rinomata per il nostro eccellente servizio di lavanderia e prodotti per la cura dei tessuti. Tutti i nostri prodotti sono fabbricati nella nostra fabbrica nel Northamptonshire, in Inghilterra.

Innovazione Siamo stati i primi a introdurre nella lavanderia commerciale britannica detergenti completi interamente costruiti, come pionieri della chimica della lavanderia. Il nostro laboratorio non smette mai di innovare.

Competenza Il nostro team ha accumulato una vasta esperienza e competenza nel trattamento del bucato. Offriamo formazione, installazione, supporto e manutenzione.

C’è chimica Dai un’occhiata alla nostra Tavola Periodica della Lavanderia. Abbiamo tutti gli elementi necessari per la lavanderia professionale e la cura dei tessuti.

Viaggeremo Cerchiamo agenti e distributori internazionali che desiderino lavorare con un produttore britannico esperto, flessibile e di grande esperienza…


For export enquiries contact our brilliant Export Manager, Rapolas or call +44 (0)1933 681 616