We are PCR

A few years ago, we realised that even though we cared about environmental sustainability, we weren’t doing enough to demonstrate it. Since then we’ve made a number of changes at Ideal in an effort to align our actions with our values for environmental sustainability in a bid to eliminate single use plastic.

That decision has involved a number of initiatives: from achieving ISO 14001, developing eco product formulations, partnering with like-minded organisations, launching Fill Refill products, developing an on-site effluent treatment system and helping to establish the STCC (Sustainability in Textile Care Committee).

We know that as a manufacturer, supplying products in single use plastic packaging – we are part of the problem. Therefore, we are trying to shift all of our packaging materials away from single use plastic, choosing more sustainable options whenever and wherever possible.

Our team has been working hard to source alternatives and we are now able to introduce some positive changes that we think will benefit your business in turn, and more importantly the environment.

Ideal will be replacing ALL 1L and 5L single use plastic drums with 100% PCR (post-consumer recycled) rHDPE 5L drums for non-hazardous products. Importantly, these drums are also 100% recyclable. Better still, there will be no additional cost for these substitutions. We have also submitted our 2 x 5L cardboard boxes for testing in combination with the new PCR 5L drums to ensure that they conform to UN approval tests. Subject to approval we aim to replace all 5L drums with 100% PCR rHDPE 5L drums for hazardous products too.

There is, however, an important difference to be highlighted. The off-white 100% PCR drums are not transparent but it will still be possible to distinguish the liquid level. If you have a major objection to this change, we ask you to consider the huge benefit to the environment in converting to a far more sustainable option!

Our customer service team will clearly indicate which orders placed will be supplied in 100% PCR rHDPE 5L drums at point of order to ensure a smooth transition.

We’re not stopping here. We are currently making a number of other exciting improvements; including the installation of a brand new laboratory, the creation of our new own label consultation room, the construction of a new contract manufacturing mezzanine floor, the introduction of new LED lighting into our production facilities and ensuring that our office is single use plastic free! We will also be introducing the new and improved Periodic Table of Laundry in April 2019, commemorating the International Year of the Periodic Table whilst focusing on our commitment to sustainable formulations.

We hope that by being a progressive independent detergent manufacturer and proving that it is possible to move towards being a responsible and sustainable supplier – we can help to drive change and persuade other businesses to do the same. Our mission is to improve everything we do, all the time.