The New Ideal laboratory

Introducing, the brand new Ideal laboratory.

We loved the time worn solid wood benches & heaving cupboards from our old laboratory… lots of magic took place on those surfaces and they reminded us of heating pennies over a bunsen & dropping them through our school exercise books on the last day of term in chemistry class.

However, we’re more excited about the brand new Ideal laboratory, that will become a new centre for eco-responsible product development, testing and innovation.

“The site has been totally modernised, helping us move towards our goal of being the most eco-responsible, ethical and sustainable supplier of high quality detergents and cleaning products that we can be. To start this exciting journey, we needed a brilliant, bright and world-class lab!”

Here’s some shots of the new, safe, durable and modern laboratory in Northamptonshire featuring these Trespa Toplab® Plus scientific worktops, including a new style of Trespa door and drawer with integral handles. We finished the lab with a poured resin floor and some cool wall graphics designed by the brilliant Eleonora Marton! Keep an eye on our instagram feed for more shots from the lab & consultation studio @idealmanlaundry

First to introduce fully built detergents to British commercial laundry, Ideal has always been at the forefront of professional wash technology trends in the UK, with a fine reputation as innovative detergent formulation experts. The brilliant Ideal research and development lab keeps on innovating today.


  • Safe, durable, well equipped modern lab constructed using the latest sustainably sourced Trespa Toplab® Plus scientific worktops and a smooth poured resin floor.
  • Separate dedicated batch production test laboratory inside the factory.


  • 3 x PhDs
  • 4 x MChem/MSci STEM graduates
  • 1 KTP research associate
  • Working association with University of Northumbria
  • More than four decades of formulation experience


  • On-site R&D ‘Washeteria’ with the latest programmable washing machines
  • IOT ready automatic dosing and modern finishing equipment
  • We’re ready to put the latest laundry & textile care formulations to the test.