Ideal X Dositec Sistemas

Ideal was the first to introduce auto dosing equipment into British commercial laundry.

Today, the Ideal engineering team continues to research, test and evaluate the very best technology available so that we are able to offer the most flexible, reliable and efficient dosing systems. Our bright team has experience in all types of laundry processing. We offer full training, installation and servicing of equipment. We ensure accurate and reliable dosing of laundry chemicals via bespoke powder and liquid dosing equipment.


We can train designated staff in laundry technology and effective equipment maintenance – providing bespoke training courses and interactive test manuals for washer-extractors and tunnel washers. Training also includes health and safety, and our innovative troubleshooting program, Take Five: Five 5 minute daily checks for healthy laundering.

Commercial & Industrial Laundry

For larger commercial & industrial laundry sites, we are proud to be partnering with our friends at Dositec Sistemas.

Intelligent chemistry + proof of dosing + reporting + remote access = full support


Dositec are a technology company that develops and manufactures intelligent dosing systems that provide total control. Their advanced technology, together with our intelligent chemistry guarantees the most professional, reliable & modern laundry install – with proof of dosing and accurate reporting functions.

Serious. Reliable. Robust. Efficient. Accurate. Neat.

Here are a few installs completed by the brilliant Ideal engineering team in 2019: