Coming Soon

In late 2019, the Family Business Films team from Orbis Terra & Vitas Media travelled to the UK to create a mini-documentary all about Ideal! It was to be their first ever family business film, and we’re delighted they chose us!

They were interested in making a film with us because they liked the cut of our jib – after a really enjoyable podcast interview we’d done earlier in the year. (You can listen to that here). We liked them a lot too, and although we hate being in front of a camera, it seemed like a really good time to capture some of the changes happening at Ideal. There’s been a lot more change since… but as you’ll find out in the film, we believe that “nothing changes if nothing changes”.

It was also a cool opportunity for us to work with feature film director Mark Hopkins at our little mid-century time-worn factory in Northamptonshire. We liked his laid back style & his genuine interest in sustainability which made the whole experience way more enjoyable than we expected.

Mark was keen to find out more about our commitment to new product development according to our ’12 guiding principles of responsible detergent formulation’ and our plans to close the loop wherever possible. During the shoot, we also got to tell the story of how the company started, some of the many bumps along the road and we also got the chance to explain our vision for the future!

The IDEAL mini-documentary is coming out in June 2020, a month that will also mark our 40th anniversary!

Meanwhile, here’s a short Behind-the-Scenes video to give you an idea about why we thought it was a nice idea to make a film about what we do.

PS. My dad doesn’t sound that posh in real life!