A Film About Ideal

This is the 40th year of Ideal Manufacturing Ltd. Infact, we were incorporated 40 years ago today! Can you believe it? We’re only just getting started. It’s not quite turning out the way we expected, but nothing ever does. Turning 40 doesn’t mean we’re all gonna take up golf, wear driving gloves or start the slow irreversible decline to boring old manufacturer. No way. Thanks so much to everyone who believes in this little factory, all the wonderful people who still work here and all the things we’re trying to do better. Much better. We’re still here and we are open.

Here’s a film we made before the pandemic. It’s a snapshot in time, but our enthusiasm, passion & commitment to doing things better hasn’t gone away. Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Every family business is host to a hundred entertaining anecdotes, tales of courage, devastating failures and soaring successes. The lessons that can be learnt from them are countless, and the next generation of owners is entrusted with the task of continuing the tale.. In late 2019, the Family Business Films crew chose to make a film about Ideal (probably because we tick most of the boxes above) and their lovely team travelled to the UK to create a mini-documentary with us. Thanks so much to Ramia, Mark & all of them for making it such a pleasure!

Here’s a look at the behind the scenes footage.


Not your everyday matinee idols… Meet the Kallis – father, Mike “Magic-Mix” and son, Phillip – who run their family business, Ideal, out of their one-of-a-kind facility in Northamptonshire! Together they have a vision to be the most eco-responsible detergent manufacturer they can be.