The ISO 14001 standard is a big deal to us here at Ideal.

So, that means we are all absolutely thrilled to have been re-certified for 2021 after a pretty intense audit during what’s been a tumultuous year for our industry and we don’t mind admitting – a pretty stressful one for our business! The passion, commitment and determination to achieve re-certification demonstrated by our team has made us very proud. This means something for a small, independent, family-run manufacturer like us and we know that it’s always worth all the extra effort to do things better!

ISO 14001 is the internationally recognised standard for the environmental management of businesses, prescribing controls for activities that have an effect on the environment. It sets out requirements for an environmental management system, enabling organisations to put in place an environmental policy and objectives that take into account relevant legal and other requirements. You can read more about it here.

While it doesn’t specify environmental performance criteria (we’ll be doing that ourselves inĀ  many other ways), it does encompass the environmental issues that we can control and influence!

We’re proud that certification to ISO 14001 demonstrates that Ideal is fully committed to environmental issues and we are proactively working to minimise our impacts – by producing less waste, in the way we treat and handle waste, in increasing energy efficiency and in our use of natural resources!

Continual improvement is built into all management systems standards, and we have already seen how ISO 14001 can drive environmental improvements on an ongoing basis for a brighter, better future.

We recently completed a full re-certification audit of our processes and we are delighted to have met the requirements of ISO 14001 but we’re not stopping here. Watch this space.