Holiday Opening Times

Eat, drink and be messy. Tomorrow we wash & dry.

Here’s the Ideal holiday opening times for the festive season:

We close Friday 22 December 2023
We open Tuesday 2 January 2024 at 9am
(we won’t be processing orders between those dates!)

Last despatch for delivery before the holidays:
Thursday 21 December for delivery Friday 22 December

First despatch in 2024:
Tuesday 2 January for delivery Wednesday 3 January

We’d love it if orders could be made before Friday 8 December so we can bring you the goods in time for the holidays. Naturally, we’ll do our best to deliver any orders received after this date, subject to stock and transport availability. If you have any questions call 01933 681 616

Thanks for choosing Ideal. Have a wonderful, relaxing & peaceful holiday. See you for more in 2024…