Be There and Be Circular

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Ideal Returns. Stand 57. CleanEx 2024. Check out the new range. See how we’ve changed. Redesigned for modern, eco-responsible, professional laundry. Brighter laundry and cooler chemistry made by a B Corp™️ Certified, registered Living Wage Employer! Find out more about real closed loop supply, direct from the maker. Find out how we can take drums … Read more


Table of Contents Choose life. Choose a job. Choose a washing machine. Choose Ideal. Modern spotting (“spot-cleaning”) is applying a concentrated detergent or other chemical where it is needed most and removing the offending stain by hand. Many stains such as coffee can mostly come out on their own in a general wash, but curry … Read more

Phthalates. Easy for you to say!

Our products do not intentionally contain phthalates. When formulating a product, we look at the contents of our functional raw ingredients and include only those that don’t contain phthalates. In light of a rising tide of information, we’ve been through our stock of fragrances and removed any that are even suspected to contain phthalates or … Read more

How Starch Works

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Starch lends body and stiffness to fabrics to give it that quality feel, but how? Today we take a quick look at how starch works and why. What Starches Are Starches are taken from plants, who use them as sugar storage by packing them in grains, which are hard, microscopic and pebble-like. Not to be … Read more

Refill Unboxed

Today is international Refill day, so we thought we’d chip in a little more on how refill and closed loop systems work in practice. Customer or Consumer? There’s an important distinction between a customer and a consumer: A customer purchases a product, whether to own it or sell it on A consumer uses a product, … Read more

How Staining Works

The process of laundry starts with stains. They each make their own demands and raise questions about how to get the needed result. So how does a stain impact the best use of chemicals, water and time? What should we not use on certain stains? Staining is the discoloration caused by a specific substance or material that … Read more

Understanding Closed Loop & Refill

For any product on the market you can draw a diagram of the entire supply chain: who makes what and who uses what and where everything ends up. It’s generally a sprawling network including packaging, labelling, raw materials and finished products. For any given component that reaches the consumer as finished goods, you can trace … Read more

How Bleach Works

The first bleach to be used was sunlight. By leaving natural undyed fibres out in the sun, it was known that over the course of months a garment would whiten considerably. Hypochlorite bleach (a.k.a. hypo) was discovered in France in the 1780s and it was snapped up quickly as a laundry whitener, taking the process … Read more

Anatomy of a Wash Program

Professional laundry programs differ from a typical domestic cycle. In a domestic wash, there is a main wash and a water rinse, with a pre-rinse optional and a spin at the end. Domestic washes cater to the types of product available to the domestic market, which are typically fully-built powders and liquids that are designed … Read more

A Chat With: Our Founder, Mike ‘Magic Mix’ Kalli

We spoke to our chairman, founder and original laundromatinee idol, Dr Michael ‘Magic Mix’ Kalli, about Ideal’s role and contribution to the transformative changes that have taken place since 1975 and the necessary additional changes coming to us and (hopefully) the industry at large.  Where It All Began So, how did you start out in formulation? After … Read more